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Coming Soon...."Metalhead"

YA paranormal romance Metalhead is roaring to e-book retailers on April 1st!!  Check out the stunning cover art and the synopsis below.


Metalhead is narrated by Trish, a quiet sixteen-year-old girl who finds herself tutoring the school’s bad-boy, metalhead Axl Varness.  Trish fully expects the situation to end in an anxiety-inducing confrontation, but instead Axl begins to draw her out of her shell and, in turn, Trish finds that there is something beyond tattoos setting Axl apart from their peers: as easily as Axl can play a riff on his guitar, he can summon powerful creatures out of nothing more than soundwaves and his own imagination.  When Axl is pushed to his limit by Trish’s domineering boyfriend and by his own tragic home life, his already lacking impulse control erodes until he is on the brink of unleashing his hidden talent on the student body.  As Axl begins to unravel, Trish is the only one who stands between him and utter destruction both to himself and to everyone around him.


"Haunted Souls" Delayed, "Midnight Hour" Publication Pending

Unfortunately, the release date for Poe: Haunted Souls has been pushed back to January 19th, but part of the reason for that is that Martens has been working on something else.

"Midnight Hour" is a compilation of short horror fiction that explores different types of darkness with each tale coming to a consensus: darkness is a thread weaving throughout our lives that we cannot deny or escape. The book includes a shudder-inducing haunted house tale, "The Wrought Iron Gate", a classic Gothic tale, "The Long Black Dress", a glimpse of modern horror in the novella "So Broken", and more. It will be in print and e-book on Black Friday...just in time to make your Christmas list! Go to the Paypal widget at the top of the page to order your copy of the paperback and have it by December!


"Poe: Nevermore" Book Trailer LIVE!!!

Happy four-year publication anniversary to "Poe: Nevermore"!!  Check out the jaw-dropping book trailer for the first installment in the "Poe" series below and remember to sleep with one eye open.  October and "Poe: Haunted Souls" will come along faster than you think!


"Poe" Book Trailer to be Released 6/13

In honor of the shared publication date of the first three books in the "Poe" series, on June 13th I will be releasing a BOOK TRAILER for "Poe: Nevermore" that is, in a word, jaw-dropping.  Remember to check back on the 13th to see the trailer and to sleep with one eye open!  "Poe" returns with a vengeance in a few short months....happy reading!

Still from book trailer for

Still from book trailer for "Poe: Nevermore"

UPDATE: Book Four in the Poe Series

Attention Poe fans!  Book Four in the series, titled Poe: Haunted Souls, has been slated for a release date of October 7th, 2017 in honor of Edgar Allan Poe's 168th death day.  Check out the synopsis below and keep an eye on the Haunted Souls page for more clues about the new book as we approach publication day.  You can also sign up for the email newsletter by typing your email address in the widget above to get the first look at Chapter One of Haunted Souls, exclusive sneak-peeks, and a chance to beta-read the new book.


The "Poe" series is back with a vengeance with its fourth installment, Poe: Haunted Souls.  Death has loomed like a shadow behind Elenora Allison Poe since she was a child.  Now, as the cursed descendant of Edgar Allan Poe, Poe is not willing to lose the people she has left when death seems to lash out at all within that shadow's reach.  Though she and her new-found cousin, Tori, are doing all they can to unravel the curse, there is only so much that Poe can manage as she testifies against Gigi, the young woman who partnered with her worst nightmare, Lex, and nearly ended her life in the tunnels beneath Baltimore.  As if that isn't enough of a distraction, as Poe's relationship with Frost becomes more stable, it also becomes more complicated with Poe struggling to adjust to Frost's permanence in her life.  And when the curse begins to raise ghosts that not even Frost can ward off, Poe will be forced to face a disturbing possibility: in a cursed world, perhaps some forces are more powerful than death.

Haunted Souls will be released on October 7th, 2017 as a paperback through Amazon and rachelmmartens.com, and as an e-book through all major online retailers.  If you are interested in beta-reading the final draft of Haunted Souls or would just like to be among the first to pre-order your copy, sign up for Rachel M. Martens' email newsletter in the widget above.

Order a "Poe" Trilogy Gift Set for the Holidays!

For a limited time, you can order a "Poe" trilogy gift set including signed paperback editions of the first three books in the series, bound with a black silk ribbon, and with a "Poe" series bookmark.  This set is only available online through the end of December, so act fast!  Use the button below to order a gift set through Paypal and have it on your doorstep in one week.       


Book Signing Events

Check out the Calendar page for upcoming book signing events!  I will be all over the state of Wisconsin this fall signing and selling print copies of the Poe series and will even be bringing my writing partner, Milton the Boston Terrier, to a few events.  Make sure to check the calendar periodically as I am constantly updating it.  Hope to see you soon!

Death's Mark Released!

The third installment in the Poe series, Poe: Death's Mark, was released this morning and is now live through all major online retailers!  You can purchase your e-book copy through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or iBookstore using these links or you can order the paperback edition exclusively through Amazon.  I hope you all enjoy the new book!

Death's Mark Now Available for Preorder!

The third installment in the "Poe" series, Death's Mark, is now available for preorder online!  You can order the eBook through Amazon or Barnes and Noble now.  The eBook will also be going live through Scribd, the iBookstore, eSentral, Oyster, Goodreads, and numerous other online retailers in the next few weeks.  The paperback will be available exclusively through Amazon in about two weeks.  Can't wait for June 13th?  Sign up for the email newsletter in the widget above to receive sneak peeks of Death's Mark!

Wanted: Beta-Readers for "Death's Mark"

Are you a lover of the Poe series?  Are you counting the days until Poe: Death's Mark comes out on June 13th?  Are you interested in a chance to get a FREE e-book copy of Death's Mark?  If any of these apply to you, consider becoming a beta-reader for Death's Mark!  Beta-readers will receive a free e-copy of Death's Mark one month before publication day on May 13th.  All you have to do is read the book and write an honest review on Amazon or Barnes&Noble on publication day. As a bonus, you can send me the link to your review as an entry to win awesome Poe-themed prizes!  Sound like a deal?  Then subscribe to the email list using the widget above for more information!

"Poe: Death's Mark" Cover Reveal!

Check out the chilling cover art for the third book in the "Poe" series, Death's Mark, which is tentatively slated for publication on June 13th, 2016.  You can find the synopsis for the new book and character bios for some new faces joining Poe's inner circle on the Death's Mark page.  For updates on Death's Mark, including possible opportunities to beta-test the new book or win awesome Poe-themed prizes, subscribe to the email list in the widget above.

Happy Birthday, Edgar!

Happy 207th birthday, Edgar Allan Poe! To mark this day, I am releasing the first in a series of weekly quotes from the next book in the "Poe" series, Death's Mark. If you want to stay up to date on publication news for Death's Mark, receive exclusive unpublished content from the "Poe" series and more, sign up for the email newsletter at the top of the page. Happy reading!

Please don’t let her be like me. Please don’t let her be like me. There was a knock at the door and I stopped to stare at it. Not like me...not like me…not like me…. I unlocked the door and opened it. In the hallway stood a young woman with dark brown hair and pale skin, wrapped in multiple layers of sweaters. For a second, my heart stopped in my chest. ‘You must be Poe?’ she asked in a fragile, nervous voice.”

~ Death’s Mark, Chapter Five ~

Kindle Book Review's Halloween Party

You are all invited to The Kindle Book Review's Halloween Party! From now through Halloween night, you can follow the link below to win Amazon gift cards and get some killer deals on spooky reads, including "Poe: Nevermore." So load up your Kindles with discounted creepy reads and frightening tales while you have the chance. Who knows? You might even win The Halloween Party Raffle and bring home an Amazon gift card so you can buy even more books! If you do not have a copy of "Poe: Nevermore" yet, you can find it by following this link and looking under the "Thrillers" genre.


"Death's Mark" Character Developments

The third installment in the Poe series, Death's Mark, sees the addition of two characters to Poe's inner circle: Tori Blake and Trina Frost.  Both have a crucial impact on the story's trajectory.  Trina is Frost's eleven year-old sister whom he must now raise and Tori is Poe's long-lost cousin and the only other living inheritor of the Poe family curse.  To read more about these characters' back stories, go to the Death's Mark page under the "Poe Series" tab or follow this link.

Poe: Nevermore and Poe: Rest in Peace Available on StoryCartel!

In honor of the June 13th publication of Poe: Nevermore and Poe: Rest in Peace, for the next three weeks both books will be available on StoryCartel for FREE reading!  That means that, in exchange for your honest review, you can read both books cover to cover at no charge.  The link for Nevermore can be accessed here and the link for Rest in Peace can be found here.  Happy reading!

Poe Review Contest Now Closed!

The Friday the 13th Poe Review Contest is now CLOSED!  Congratulations to Patty Z. from Muskego, WI, the winner of the Edgar Allan Poe coffee cup!!!  Thank you all so much for your support and make sure to stay tuned for updates on the next installment in the Poe series, Death's Mark.

Poe Review Contest Starts Friday the 13th!

Attention Poe fans!  Starting this Friday the 13th, I will be launching a contest in which you could win your choice of five Edgar Allan Poe-themed collectibles!  All you need to do is write a review of Poe: Nevermore or Poe: Rest in Peace on your online retailer’s site and you could win a Poe t-shirt, lunchbox, coffee mug, or necklace in either “raven black” or “tell-tale red.”  The contest will open Friday the 13th of March at 7pm central time and will close on Monday the 13th of April.  Read on for complete instructions on how to enter and for pictures of the prizes!

1.  Read Poe: Nevermore.  Most of you have already completed this step.  :)
2.  Write a review on your retailer’s website.  You can follow these links to go directly to the book’s page on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Your review doesn’t have to be long, a few sentences of honest opinion is enough!
3.  Message Rachel M. Martens on Facebook with your full name, mailing address, a link to your honest review, and which prize you would prefer to win.  If you would like the t-shirt, please specify mens/womens and your size.  If you would like the necklace, please specify color.  For bonus entries, copy and paste your review on additional retailers’ sites and put those links in your entry as well.  In the interest of honesty, please only write one original review per book.  A full list of retailers’ links is available on rachelmmartens.com.
4.  Read Poe: Rest in Peace and repeat steps 2 and 3.  You can follow these links to go to RIP’s Amazon or Barnes & Noble page.  Again, please only write one review.  Bonus entries can be earned by pasting that review on other retailers’ sites.
5.  If you have a spouse/family member/friend that has also read the book, encourage them to enter too!

On Monday, April 13th, the contest will close at 7pm.  I will select a winner at random and post the results on Facebook and rachelmmartens.com.  Good luck!!




Happy Birthday Edgar Allan Poe!!

Happy 206th Birthday to Edgar Allan Poe, father of the detective story, master of the macabre, and one of the most important figures in the rise of the American short story. I couldn't agree with this Lovecraft quote more: "Poe has probably influenced me more than any other one person. If I have ever been able to approximate his kind of thrill, it is only because he himself paved the way by creating a whole atmosphere & method which lesser men can follow with relative ease." — H. P. Lovecraft in a letter to J. Vernon Shea, June 19, 1931. 
Edgar Allan Poe was born 206 years ago today!!!

("Poe Walking on the High Bridge by B.J. Rosenmeyer.)

Hellnotes Publishes "The Wolves"

Exciting news!! Hellnotes has just published "The Wolves", a Horror in a Hundred story by myself, for free reading on their website. Follow this link to read it now on Hellnotes.com! Also, if you have not subscribed to the email list, make sure to scroll up to the top of the website and do so now. On January 19th, Edgar Allan Poe's 206th birthday, I'll be sending out some exclusive content via email that you will definitely want to read.

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and are keeping warm. Enjoy "The Wolves"!

Are You Ready for "Death's Mark"?

If you have not done so, make sure to check out the page for Book Three of the "Poe" Series, Death's Mark!  Here is the synopsis:

The much-anticipated follow-up to Rest in Peace, Death's Mark finds Poe, Frost and Trina healing and seeking a new normal to found their lives on.  But for Poe, there may never be a "new normal."  The only other living descendant of Edgar Allan Poe, a twenty-year-old girl named Tori, comes out of the woodwork seeking answers about her lineage, answers Poe only wishes she had.  Meanwhile, Jonathan Aaron brings home an ominous black cat and grows progressively more volatile.  Poe can barely protect herself and her new patchwork family from her foster-father, much less find a way to rescue her helpless foster-mom from the clutches of the curse, and is forced to choose between the people she loves most.  Concluding with an epic final stand-off between Poe and the man who destroyed her childhood, Death's Mark depicts the tragic heroine's first hope for a future and her battle to hold onto that hope.

Second Edition of "Nevermore" Now Available

The second edition ebook of Poe: Nevermore is now available through Amazon, the iBookstore, Kobo, and Copia with Barnes and Noble expected to follow this week.  Follow one of the links to get your copy today for $1.99!  Also, be sure to check out the sequel, Poe: Rest in Peace, which was released on June 13th!  You can find links to purchase Rest in Peace on the RIP page to the right, as well as the first chapter for free reading, the synopsis, and more.  Happy reading!

Rest in Peace Paperback on Amazon, PLUS Second Edition of Nevermore to be Released

Rest in Peace is now available as a paperback through Amazon for $14.95+shipping. Follow this link to order your copy today!  Also, please note that BookBaby will be releasing a second edition ebook of Nevermore this week.  Due to this, Nevermore will be temporarily unavailable while the second edition is distributed.  I will release links to the second edition at all major retailers as soon as it becomes available.  Please be patient and congratulations to those of you who have a first edition.  It is now out of print!

"Rest in Peace" Released!

Happy Friday the 13th!!! "Rest in Peace" is now LIVE at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore, Copia, and Kobo! Follow one of the links below to download your copy and start reading today!  Also, a limited edition hardcover of "Rest in Peace" will be available at the end of next week with a paperback soon to follow.  Go to Rachel M. Martens' Facebook page to reserve a copy!


8 Days to "Rest in Peace"!

8 days left! The eBook of "Rest in Peace" is currently being distributed to its online retailers. It will be available for $1.99 through Amazon, the iBookstore, Barnes N Noble, Kobo, Copia, Scribd, Baker & Taylor, Gardner's, eSentral, Oyster, Goodreads, and Flipkart. As for the print editions, the paperback will be available for $14.95 plus shipping through Amazon only or through me directly minus shipping. The hardcover will be only available through me directly and will be a limited edition (25 copies only, all signed with a dust jacket) for $28. I'm compiling a list of those of you who are pre-ordering print copies. That list is below for your reference. If you are not on the list and would like to reserve a copy, please comment on this post on Facebook with which edition you would like. If you are on the list and have changed your mind on the format, again just comment back. Thanks, everyone for your support!

Suzi Martens H
Abbie Hruska Honzik P
Val Westphal P
Traci Martens H
Stephanie Bennin Weber H
Bailey Weber P
Kristi Compton P (2)
Emma Luetschwager P
Lisa Burke P
Belinda Foster H

SPR Releases 4.5 Star Review of "Nevermore"

SPR just released a 4.5 star professional review of Poe: Nevermore commenting that "there is a Gothic, smoldering shroud across this book" and that the next novel will "hold readers in suspense for a successful series featuring a different kind of female anti-hero." Check out the Press page or follow this link to read it!

"Nevermore" a Finalist in CBR's Paranormal Awards!

Nevermore has just been named a finalist in Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media's 2013 Paranormal Awards for Gothic and paranormal fiction!  We'll know if Poe makes it through the next round by June, so stay tuned for updates!  To read the full list of finalists and find some new great books, follow this link to Chanticleer's website.

"Nevermore" Available for FREE on StoryCartel

Want to read "Poe: Nevermore" for FREE? Rachel M. Martens is offering free e-book copies of the Edgar Allan Poe-inspired thriller through StoryCartel in exchange for your honest review. How does it work? Follow the link below, download the book, read it, and review it. You could even win prizes from StoryCartel! So, to recap, you get to read a spine-tingling Gothic novel for free, tell the world what you think of it, and possibly win more free stuff. How can you go wrong?  If you've already read and reviewed Nevermore, let your friends know how they can get a good book free!

Poe: Nevermore on StoryCartel

Thank you for your support

I'm sorry to report that we fell short on our goal for the Rest in Peace Kickstarter campaign. Thank you to everyone who supported the campaign; I will let you know if and when I decide to relaunch it for a second attempt. This will not affect the release date of Rest in Peace in any way. It just means that my budget for purchasing reviews, advertising, and print orders is severely limited.

Thank you once again and happy reading!

Why I Write

Today I was doing some research on marketing strategies to help me launch Rest in Peace and came across an article so compelling that it is not only going to redirect my focus, but also that I thought it important to share my thoughts on it with you.  The article, written by book marketing guru Tim Grahl, is titled "I Hate Self-Promotion" and you can read it here if you so choose.

The idea of this article is that building an author platform should not be about trying to boost sales figures and, basically, you should not sound like a car salesman with a megaphone.  A platform should be about your tribe, which is made up of you (the leader), your readers (tribe members), and the "Why" that gives purpose to the tribe and empowers it.  My writing has always been about the characters and saying something that makes people think.  That concept is what has helped me keep my focus on the actual writing while I'm also self-marketing my books.  But this article made me realize that it's for the most part missing from my platform.

That's why I decided to take a break from my usual posts on this page and bring you a look inside my head.  I think it's important that you as tribe members or potential tribe members understand my "Why".

Kickstarter Campaign Launched!

Martens' Kickstarter campaign to fund the launch of "Rest in Peace" just went live!!! Check it out here.  If you choose to make a pledge, you could be eligible for rewards including limited edition signed copies of "Nevermore" and "Rest in Peace", your name on the acknowledgments page of RIP, or even your name used for a character in a future book! Help us spread the word and get this campaign off the ground by sharing this post with your fellow booklovers. Thanks!!

Kickstarter Campaign Starts Tomorrow

BREAKING NEWS! Rachel M. Martens will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the publication of "Rest in Peace". If you or anyone you know is interested in helping to fund the next installment in this powerhouse series, support the genre, or support Martens as an author, be sure to check it out! The campaign will go live tomorrow, Thursday the 13th, and we will post a direct link to it on this page. The campaign will last 30 days, which doesn't give us much time to hit our goal, so we'll need all the help promoting we can get.  Spread the word!  There is a rumor going around that Martens will release coveted excerpts from "Rest in Peace" as a reward.....

"Rest In Peace" Weekly Quotes on Facebook

If you haven't liked Rachel M. Martens on Facebook, now might be the time!  On January 19th, in honor of Edgar Allan Poe's 205th birthday, Martens began releasing weekly quotes from Rest In Peace on Facebook.  The first quote to be posted is below.  To make sure you catch each one, like Rachel M. Martens on Facebook.  And, to catch exclusive updates and occasional excerpts from Rest In Peace, join our newsletter mailing list!

“Then, he looked into my eyes with an intensity that made the busy street fall away, that made me feel transparent and naked.  It made me feel like I needed him more than ever and with what I was dealing with, that hurt as bad as Nina’s knife in my chest.”  ~  Chapter Two

First Draft of "Rest In Peace" Chapter One Now Available!

Chapter One of the second installment in the "Poe" series, "Rest In Peace", is now available for free reading!  Follow the link below or go to the "RIP-Teasers" page to see it now.  Also, sign up for our newsletter so you can receive more exclusive content from the desk of Rachel M. Martens, including extra scenes from "Nevermore", teasers from "Rest In Peace", details about upcoming publication dates, and content from Martens' other projects.


"Poe: Rest In Peace" Page Published

The webpage for the sequel to "Nevermore" is up and running!  The book's title will be "Rest In Peace" and continue to follow Poe and Frost beginning a few weeks after "Nevermore" ends.  Check out the page for a description and watch for the first draft of Chapter One to be released on October 1st!  

"Rest In Peace"

Chanticleer Releases the First Professional Review of "Nevermore"

"That is the hook of Martens’ writing," Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media says of "Poe: Nevermore", "Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, the game changes. The plot twists and turns as it sinks its hook deeper into you."  Chanticleer gave "Nevermore" four stars and a review emphasizing Martens' skill with characterization and suspense-building, remarking that "the author skillfully builds tension and anticipation with complex characters that are not easily dismissed" and "the antagonists are evil incarnate".

To read the rest of the review, check out our Press page.  In the meantime, we'll leave you with this hook: "Ms. Martens succeeds at painting dark, suspenseful, sometimes horrific pictures. It is the type of psychological horror that locking the doors and windows and reading with the lights on will not keep out,"

"Poe: Nevermore" Available On Gardner's and e-Sentral PLUS Future "Quotes" Page

"Poe: Nevermore" is now available through Gardner's and e-Sentral in the UK and Asia, respectively.  We'll be introducing a "Quotes" page for some of our favorite quotes from the novel in the next few days.  In the meantime, like Rachel M. Martens on Facebook to see Quote-of-the-Day posts and comment on your favorite quotes!  Please remember when you finish "Nevermore" to review it on your retailer's website and comment (without spoilers!) on Rachel M. Martens' Facebook page!!

"Poe: Nevermore" Available on Sony, Kobo, Barnes&Noble, the iBookstore and Copia!!!

"Poe: Nevermore" is officially available for purchase through Sony, Kobo, Barnes&Noble, the iBookstore and Copia!!  Direct links are below, so please get your copy today and post comments and reviews on the retailer's site and Rachel M. Martens' Facebook page!  For a preview of "Poe: Nevermore", go to the Teasers page for exclusive access to Chapter One and two teasers!

"Poe: Nevermore" on:


"Poe: Nevermore" Soon to be Released!!!

"Poe: Nevermore" has officially been distributed to its online retailers!  It will become available through Amazon within the next four days and through the ten other retailers within about three weeks.  (A full list of the retailers that will be carrying "Nevermore" is below).  "Poe: Nevermore" will be priced at $1.99 to encourage readership.  When you read it, please post comments (no spoilers!) on Rachel M. Martens' Facebook page or review it through whichever retailer you choose.  We want to encourage more people to read it!  Keep an eye on this page for more details about release dates!!


Welcome to the website of Rachel M. Martens, author of "Poe: Nevermore"!  We are now up and running.  Thank you for checking out this page.  The new "Poe" series will soon become available as an e-book through Barnes&Noble, Amazon, Sony, etc.  In the meantime sure to check out the "Poe: Nevermore" page to learn more about the book!

"Poe: Nevermore" is an Edgar Allan Poe-inspired thriller in which a young woman must race against time and death to save those she loves while struggling with depression, a new relationship complicated by her past, and an abusive former foster-father.

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