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Poe: Death's Mark - E-Book

The much-anticipated third installment in the "Poe" Gothic thriller series, "Death's Mark" finds Poe, Frost and Trina healing and seeking a new normal to found their lives on. But for Poe, there may never be a "new normal." The only other direct descendant of Edgar Allan Poe, a twenty-year-old girl named Tori, is seeking answers about her lineage, answers Poe only wishes she had. Meanwhile, Poe’s former foster-father has grown progressively more volatile and his actions are crushing his submissive wife to the point of threatening her very existence. Poe can hardly protect herself and her new patchwork family from Jonathon Aaron, much less find a way to rescue her helpless foster-mom from the clutches of the curse, and must choose between the people she loves most. Concluding with an epic final stand-off between Poe and the man who destroyed her childhood, "Death's Mark" depicts the tragic heroine's first hope for a future and her battle to hold onto that hope.