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Poe: Rest in Peace - E-Book

The shocking and fast-paced sequel to Poe: Nevermore, Rest in Peace picks up with Elenora Allison Poe one month after the first novel's conclusion. Frost and Poe are still recovering from the tragedies they survived in "The Raven," both emotionally and physically. As they struggle to rebuild their relationship from ashes, Poe discovers that she is being stalked by her most wicked nightmare, Lex, and is swept into a maelstrom of instability and paranoia. Without Frost's protection, Poe quickly loses her already shaky grip on her sanity as with each passing moment the inevitable reunion with her tormentor draws nearer. Rest in Peace pits the tragic heroine face-to-face against the man who plunged her into a PTSD-fueled nightmare even as she struggles with her increasingly severe depression and a monstrous curse passed down through the Poe family from the master of the macabre himself.