Elenora Allison Poe is the sole direct descendant of Edgar Allan Poe.  She is twenty-four, but a difficult life has aged her; she suffers from insomnia, depression, and PTSD.  Poe does her best not to open up to anyone, a fact that only begins to change after great effort on Frost's part.  The Poe family curse takes a massive toll on her already-fragile emotional state and before long, Frost is the only thing keeping her sane.  But, though her soul is shattered and her mind is balanced on the tip of a knife, Poe's will is made of iron and, despite having endured a hellish life, she battles on and is a force of nature when it comes to protecting the few people left that she loves.


Caleb Frost is a young, but accomplished homicide detective.  When he meets Poe, he sees at once her strength and brokenness and sympathizes with her, having a dark past of his own haunting him.  Frost takes on a great burden by trying to help Poe and the curse's effect on him is tragic.  In the course of Nevermore, his life as it was is destroyed forever.  Despite this, Frost holds firm to what he believes in, including Poe.

Justin Abercomb

Justin Abercomb is Frost's best friend, partner on the police force, and foster-brother since he was nine years old.  Justin spent several years serving as a marine before climbing the ranks of the Baltimore PD and, though he has a dark sense of humor, it rarely shows in favor of a cold seriousness.  He is highly protective of Frost and thus disturbed by Frost's relationship with Poe, which he believes will inevitably end in tragedy.

Liz Nite

Liz Nite is an intern in a psychiatric center and, in the course of Nevermore, becomes a good friend of Poe.  She is outspoken and highly attractive, but Poe quickly recognizes that Liz has ghosts of her own.  Liz is very complex; though she seems most at home quietly listening to sessions at the psychiatric clinic or giving Poe dating advice, she makes it quite clear that she can take care of herself and easily keeps her cool in the most trying of circumstances.