"Haunted Souls" Delayed, "Midnight Hour" Publication Pending

Unfortunately, the release date for Poe: Haunted Souls has been pushed back to January 19th, but part of the reason for that is that Martens has been working on something else.

"Midnight Hour" is a compilation of short horror fiction that explores different types of darkness with each tale coming to a consensus: darkness is a thread weaving throughout our lives that we cannot deny or escape. The book includes a shudder-inducing haunted house tale, "The Wrought Iron Gate", a classic Gothic tale, "The Long Black Dress", a glimpse of modern horror in the novella "So Broken", and more. It will be in print and e-book on Black Friday...just in time to make your Christmas list! Go to the Paypal widget at the top of the page to order your copy of the paperback and have it by December!


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