UPDATE: Book Four in the Poe Series

Attention Poe fans!  Book Four in the series, titled Poe: Haunted Souls, has been slated for a release date of October 7th, 2017 in honor of Edgar Allan Poe's 168th death day.  Check out the synopsis below and keep an eye on the Haunted Souls page for more clues about the new book as we approach publication day.  You can also sign up for the email newsletter by typing your email address in the widget above to get the first look at Chapter One of Haunted Souls, exclusive sneak-peeks, and a chance to beta-read the new book.


The "Poe" series is back with a vengeance with its fourth installment, Poe: Haunted Souls.  Death has loomed like a shadow behind Elenora Allison Poe since she was a child.  Now, as the cursed descendant of Edgar Allan Poe, Poe is not willing to lose the people she has left when death seems to lash out at all within that shadow's reach.  Though she and her new-found cousin, Tori, are doing all they can to unravel the curse, there is only so much that Poe can manage as she testifies against Gigi, the young woman who partnered with her worst nightmare, Lex, and nearly ended her life in the tunnels beneath Baltimore.  As if that isn't enough of a distraction, as Poe's relationship with Frost becomes more stable, it also becomes more complicated with Poe struggling to adjust to Frost's permanence in her life.  And when the curse begins to raise ghosts that not even Frost can ward off, Poe will be forced to face a disturbing possibility: in a cursed world, perhaps some forces are more powerful than death.

Haunted Souls will be released on October 7th, 2017 as a paperback through Amazon and rachelmmartens.com, and as an e-book through all major online retailers.  If you are interested in beta-reading the final draft of Haunted Souls or would just like to be among the first to pre-order your copy, sign up for Rachel M. Martens' email newsletter in the widget above.

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  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Oconto wi
    Loved the first 3 books looking for the rest. Can't seemed to find the fourth one

    Loved the first 3 books looking for the rest. Can't seemed to find the fourth one

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