The much-anticipated follow-up to Rest in Peace, Death's Mark finds Poe, Frost and Trina healing and seeking a new normal to found their lives on.  But for Poe, there may never be a "new normal."  The only other direct descendant of Edgar Allan Poe, a twenty-year-old girl named Tori, is seeking answers about her lineage, answers Poe only wishes she had.  Meanwhile, Poe’s former foster-father has grown progressively more volatile and his actions are crushing his submissive wife to the point of threatening her very existence.  Poe can hardly protect herself and her new patchwork family from Jonathon Aaron, much less find a way to rescue her helpless foster-mom from the clutches of the curse, and must choose between the people she loves most.  Concluding with an epic final stand-off between Poe and the man who destroyed her childhood, Death's Mark depicts the tragic heroine's first hope for a future and her battle to hold onto that hope.

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Additional Characters

Death's Mark sees the addition of two supporting characters in Poe's inner circle.  Read on to uncover their stories.


Victoria Ligeia Blake is a distant cousin of Poe's and the only other direct descendant of Edgar Allan Poe.  She is a twenty year-old college student who was raised by her loving uncle, Captain Blake of the Baltimore PD's homicide division, after her parents succumbed to the curse.  Tori is intelligent, resourceful, and ambitious, with elaborate plans to land a research position at a library in London after she earns her Bachelor's Degree.  Though she shares Poe's lineage, when Tori meets her older cousin in Death's Mark, the curse has not yet come calling for her and, with an eye to her loved ones and to all Poe has already lost, she hopes to keep it that way.  Though Tori is booksmart, she can be naive and puts herself in risky situations by attempting preemptive strikes against the curse.


Trina is Frost's eleven year-old sister whom he must raise when the rest of their family has been decimated by the curse.  Though Trina survived their family's destruction, it was at a price: she was held captive for two months and is not left without some psychological wounds.   She is a ballet prodigy and her return to her passion, along with support from her brother and from Poe, is what helps her work through her grief and endure. Despite her young age, Trina has an adult's understanding of the world and is highly perceptive, a quality that helps her bond with Poe and push the broken heroine to rebuild herself.



“As she caked on more concealer over the black and violet bruising, the glint of light off her wedding ring shone in the mirror.  He never stopped reminding her of how stupid she was and was always calling her awful names.  She missed the early days of their courtship so much it burned her heart.  There had been a time when Jonathan could make her feel beautiful, intelligent, and special, but those days were long gone, so long now that she had all but forgotten how to feel that way about herself.”  ~  Death’s Mark, Chapter Four

Please don’t let her be like me.  Please don’t let her be like me.  There was a knock at the door and I stopped to stare at it.  Not like me...not like me…not like me….  I unlocked the door and opened it.  In the hallway stood a young woman with dark brown hair and pale skin, wrapped in multiple layers of sweaters.  For a second, my heart stopped in my chest.  ‘You must be Poe?’ she asked in a fragile, nervous voice.”  ~  Death’s Mark, Chapter Five

“Lex’s laughter danced in my head like a distant echo, but I had no idea what dark hole he had managed to crawl out of.”  ~  Death’s Mark, Chapter Twelve

“We all die someday.  It is when our souls die before our bodies that the real tragedy occurs and that does not happen because of an unfair reality or a villain.  It happens because we let the curse of anxiety consume us.”  ~  Death’s Mark, Chapter Thirteen

“Despair and weakness threatened to drag me under into that maelstrom I knew so well: depression.  A part of me, and not a small part, felt too weak to fend off all the memories, the anguish and the guilt, and that weakness threatened to let in ever more memories and break me down further in a vicious cycle.  It was the cycle that had driven me to suicide attempts, to loneliness, to anti-depressants, to shutting out everyone who cared.  Depression was a raging sea, one that came in waves to drown you just as you were trying to catch your breath, and each time you let it pull you under, it became much more difficult to break the surface.”  ~ Death’s Mark, Chapter Fourteen



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