The shocking and fast-paced sequel to Nevermore, Rest in Peace picks up with Elenora Allison Poe one month after the first novel's conclusion.  Frost and Poe are still recovering from the tragedies they survived in "The Raven", both emotionally and physically.  As they struggle to rebuild their relationship from ashes, Poe discovers that she is being stalked by her most wicked nightmare, Lex, and is swept into a maelstrom of instability and paranoia.  Without Frost's protection, Poe quickly loses her already shaky grip on her sanity as with each passing moment the inevitable reunion with her tormentor draws nearer.  Meanwhile, the Poe family curse continues to haunt the tragic heroine, dragging her into a labyrinth of darkness from which there may be no escape....

Rest in Peace is available as an ebook through 12 major retailers: Amazon, Barnes N Noble, the iBookstore, KoboCopiaScribde-Sentral, Baker&Taylor, EBSCO, Vearsa, and Ciando (for Gardner's, search by ISBN 9781483530000).  It is available as a paperback exclusively through Amazon.




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“Then, he looked into my eyes with an intensity that made the busy street fall away, that made me feel transparent and naked.  It made me feel like I needed him more than ever and with what I was dealing with, that hurt as bad as Nina’s knife in my chest.”  ~  Chapter Two

“‘I didn’t mean it like that,’ Justin snapped at her. ‘I’m not an idiot or a narcissist. I know I’m not the only one with issues. But unlike Poe and, I suspect, unlike you, most of my issues are the things I’ve done. I can’t forgive myself and I don’t expect you to, so I’d rather not play show and tell with my scars. I’m not proud of them.’” ~ Chapter Four

“I stared at the image in horror as my stomach fell through the floor.  My hands began to shake and I struggled to turn the photo over.  On the back, Lex had written in a sharp, angry version of his scrawl: Looks like White Knight missed you.  The next time he touches you, I’ll shoot him.”  ~  Chapter Eight

“‘I don’t know why you call me ‘White Knight,’’ Frost said, ‘But if you knew me, you’d laugh to think of me that way. If I had to choose between knocking out your teeth and my place on the force, I’d choose knocking your teeth out. If I had to choose between cutting off your fingers one by one with a dull razor blade and staying out of jail, I’d choose the razor blade. If I had to choose between putting a bullet in your head and staying out of the electric chair, I’d choose putting a bullet in your head.’

Lex laughed harshly. ‘You haven’t got the stomach, Pretty Boy.’” ~ Chapter Eleven



"M.I.N.E. (End This Way) - Five Finger Death Punch

"I Don’t Care" - Apocalyptica ft. Adam Gontier

"Coming Down" - Five Finger Death Punch

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